Qualified AEC professionals that work as an extension of your office.

Bricklab is your “go-to partner” for AEC Staffing (On-site or Remote) + Outsourcing BIM/CAD Production



  • Easy and fast Interview Process
  • On-site or Remote
  • Fluent in English & Experienced in US Codes
  • Branded with your Firm’s email
  • Flexible Rates and Contracts

Our staff works from Mexico in US Time zone.

On-Site work & Travel to the US options available.

Our team works as an extension of your office!


Bricklab is your “go-to partner” for Staffing & Outsourcing BIM/CAD Production, slashing costs by as much as 50% for US-based firms.

Whether it’s one person or many, we build and manage your tailored team.


Frequently Asked Questins

100 hours Minimum for Production Services.
1 Month Minimum for Staffing, dedicated professionals.
However, we are flexible to what your specific needs are, let ‘s talk.

Most of our staff works from Mexico, we adapt to your time zone.
We are firm believers in keeping seamless communication
during work hours, avoids going in the wrong direction for hours.

YES! Our staff is familiar with US building codes, US construction methods, working with imperial measurements.
And of course, all client-facing and back of the house staff is
fluent in English.

You can hire from 1 person to building a fully trained team that will work as an extension of your office.
Contracts and fees will vary depending on size and term of your team.
All teams are supervised by our own managers, making sure communications and quality are met.

YES! Our Fee Structure can be either by:
a) Production / Scope Based
b) Hourly
c) Monthly, for dedicated professionals.

Interview process and hiring can be as fast as 1 to 2 weeks.
Some specific skills in candidates may take a little longer due to vetting process, but no more than 3 weeks.
Let us know what you need, we will find the right person!

Our rates are 40% to 50% below US costs.
Due to cost-of-living differences in Latin America, we have
access to top professionals at a low cost.
Ask for our Prices!

We invoice on the first 3 days of every month.
We accept only Bank Wire Transfer and ACH in US Dollars.
Bricklab is a registered LLC, we provide W9.


Hotel & Homes, Los Cabos, Mexico

Hospitality, Luxury Hotel & Villas SD/DD/CD, Project Management + BIM Management + BIM Services

AIA Headquarters, Washington, USA

Office - Commercial, DD/CD, Project Management + BIM Services

Walgreens, Rollout Program, USA

Retail, Multi-site VDC & Reality Capture to BIM, Project Management + BIM Services

Hard Rock Casino, Ottawa, Canada

Hospitality + Entertainment, CD, BIM Services

Tesla, Showroom & Service Shop, Merida, Mexico

Retail , Site Survey, SD/DD/CD, Project Management + BIM Management + BIM Services + AOR + EOR

Essilor Luxottica Regional Headquarters, CDMX, Mexico

Commercial, Site Survey, SD/DD/CD, Project Management + BIM Management + BIM Services + AOR + EOR